Organic Farming for the Future of India | Dr. Harinath Kasiganesan

Today the world is plagued with numerous stress related lifestyle diseases that are only symptomatically treated in Allopathy resulting in serious side effects that further deteriorate our immunity and health. It is therefore imperative for all of us to revert to our indigenous organic way of life, Ayurvedic knowledge and traditional herbal medicines not only for ourselves but also for nature to sustain and regenerate. Dr Harinath Kasiganesan here makes a case study for the importance of the marvelous, super nutritious, Indian traditional herb and medicine ‘Moringa Oleifera’. He researched about it and recommended its regular intake to his mother to help her recuperate and cope with allopathy induced serious side effects like gastric ulcers which she began experiencing while undergoing treatment for advanced arthritis and Spondylitis. In a short while it delivered really good results and made the saying true “Food is Medicine”.

Inspired by this and in order to study more about traditional use of herbs and organic agriculture as traditional medicine, he returned to India permanently and bought a plot of land in Tamil Nadu to grow chemical-free rare and forgotten grains, fruits and vegetables along with reaching out to local farming communities to teach them traditional methods of farming and also donated indigenous/local seeds to them for growing.

He also invented a polyherbal-nutraceutical compound called “Moringa Bullet” made from fresh Moringa leaves and other traditional herbal concoctions that has worked wonders for people suffering from arthritis, anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. “Nature has the solutions to all our problems”, Dr Harinath delivers this very message through his work and this tremendously informative and enlightening talk, delving further into Fertilizer Diet Vs Organic Soil-fed Diet, Immunity building, Nature Vs Manufacture, Sustainable Development Vs Unsustainable Development, Organic farming technicalities and its immense importance.

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