Niraj works in Tech Sales and has been involved in Indology for 25+ years. He runs a number of websites. He plans to retire and focus his time on writing a series of books (History, Epic Trilogy, Dharma Veda). Niraj lives outside Boston with his wife and he has three adult children who live in Massachusetts. He has a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering and has been in Technology Sales for 30+ years working for different startups and has been involved in Indology (the academic study of India) and many Hindu causes since the mid-90s. He likes to joke that he “sells software on the weekdays and Dharma on the weekends!” But in all seriousness, his Engineering background heavily influences all the Dharmic work he does because he approaches tasks from a problem-solving, project management and numbers perspective. He is an idea-guy, writer and public speaker.

Niraj has created and runs a number of websites such as,,,, and others (see: He is loosely affiliated with over a dozen organizations but works primarily on a few long-term projects and is involved in his local community (India Society of Worcester) teaching youth. He is providing content for a museum of Indian History in Pune, India (

He hopes to retire from his technology sales career within a decade and focus his time on Dharmic/Indic causes/philanthropy and write a series of books (History, Epic Trilogy, Dharma Veda). His hobbies include reading, tennis/badminton, boating, and traveling.

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