Neera Mishra is a Social Entrepreneur, with more then two decades of work experience, as business entrepreneur and then as social entrepreneur. She is the Founder Trustee and Chairperson of Draupadi Dream Trust.

With multifaceted interests she expresses herself via various forms. Her avid interest in history, painting, embroidery and reading since early childhood attracted her to art, culture, literature and history. Having deep, centuries old, links to Vedic city Kampilya, the capital of Panchala, enticed her towards research on the historical and cultural legacy of ancient Kampilya , leading to the Maha Bharata and Vedic culture. Her first study on Development Opportunities in Cultural Tourism was in 2005-06, and since then she has convened many national and international conferences and positioned exhibitions on Mahabharata Heritage, Panchala, Indraprastha and Ganga Darshan.

Srijan Talks Of Neera Misra