Nature From The Viewpoint Of Religion And Dharma — #SangamTalk By Dr. Mukul Kulshrestha

Dr. Mukul Kulshrestha, in this very insightful talk explains the deep connection of the environment and natural forces with the fundamental principles of any civilization. The relationship of Nature with the humans is like Mother -Child relationship. when one starts invoking Divinity in natural forces the form of religion is very Ecocentric and Polytheistic and not laden with artificial man made rules like most Monotheistic religions. As it emerges very naturally its form does not change and it becomes a way of life, hence called Sanatan Dharma. the speaker also sheds light on the unmissable intertwining of Religion with power and politics which makes the narrative very interesting.

About Speaker: –

Dr Mukul Kulshrestha is currently Professor in Environmental Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, MANIT-Bhopal, India. He is a graduate in Civil Engineering from IIT-Kanpur, has a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from IIT-Kanpur, and a Ph.D. from IIT-Delhi, India. (View More)

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