Nataraja, Apasmara And Agastya Connection From +19000 BCE – A Talk By Rupa Bhaty

All the lore of Agastya from different scriptures as “Rishi” are scientifically pertaining to Astronomy. Agastya – Vindhyā lore will be investigated with the help of Natarāja, Apasmāra and Agastya from astronomical point of view which contains a memory of motion of Agastya, to and fro, on Latitudes. Agastya’s mention in Amarkosha with Dhruva and its etymology is an evidence of Agastya – Canopus’s antiquity, once serving as a pole star, in ancient times.

The study of astronomy with the help of Voyager simulations will take back Agastya, as far as +19000 BCE. It will also mark Agastya’s influence in Tamizhakam kingdoms and its smṛti in Sangam literature which was a live tradition.

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Rupa Bhaty is an architect involved by profession. She is involved in sustainability & Stabilized Rammed Earth Architecture. She loves to decode puzzles from Indic Sanskrit texts especially pertaining to Astronomy. She is presently engaged in authoring two, (View More)

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