Narcotics Jihad: A Global Phenomenon | Binay Kumar Singh

What is the origin of the word, “Narco Jihad”. Where it was first used. It’s not used first by the Kerala Bishop, and is not a mere hypothesis.

There is a November 2017 report by, “European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS), Amsterdam”, which mentions that, “The hypocritical reasoning of terrorist organizations, which abuse the religiosity of the local population in order to fight their alleged holy cause through ultimately unholy means, requires to be exposed”.

The EFSAS report further mentions that, “The double negative of illegal (drugs and infidels) can’t positively justify the Narco-Jihad propaganda”The decades of bloodshed, killings of innocent people and contamination with drugs, cannot be diminished to merely a mathematical equation.

The Kerala CPM never denied the threat by Radical Islam. Even they submitted affidavits regarding the same in High Court. But they have a line: it’s a law & order problem. This is where the so called secularism compromises with National Security.

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Binay Kumar Singh is an author, columnist and researcher. He is a regular on TV panels presenting realistic perspective on issues of national security and policy. He also regularly contributes on various aspects of internal security in different Indian and foreign publications. His report on the activities of PFI, submitted to the Government of Jharkhand, was instrumental in getting it banned in the state of Jharkhand in 2018. The ban, after a brief period of revocation by the State High Court, continues.

Singh has done extensive research on Maoist-Missionary alliance, illegal cattle trade-terror nexus, coal mafia cartel, chit-fund and Ponzi scheme frauds; besides the issue of illegal infiltration. His recent book based on the conspiracy theories against India, titled: *Bleeding India-Four aggressors, Thousand cuts*, is published by Garuda Prakashan, Delhi.

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