Moving towards a Swachh Bharat with #Shramdaan

Earlier this year, the Ghats in Varanasi were cleaned up by a determined team, led by Temsutula Imsong and Shailesh Pandey. Now called Mission Parijat (formerly, Mission Prabhu Ghat), the team collected more than 300 kg of waste during the 3-day mission. A month later, the mission was endorsed by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

To fulfil our dream of a Swachh Bharat (a cleaner India), individual across 30+ cities in India started a collective effort in Nov 2015. This mission called Shramdaan brings together groups of people in different cities to voluntarily adopt public places, clean them up and maintain them on a regular basis.

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Temsutula Imsong is the President of Sakaar Sewa Samiti, an NGO focused on the creation of employment opportunities in rural areas of India. In 2012, it was during her Sakaar trips to Varanasi when she got fascinated by the river Ganga and its ghats. View More…


Shailesh Pandey


Shailesh Pandey has served the Indian Navy in the Paramedical Branch for 15+ years. In 2011, he founded the NGO Sakaar Sewa Samiti. View More…

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