Modern Medicine Destabilizes The Human Genome | Rajeev Ranjan (RajVibhu)

There are two kinds of thought processes we commonly observe – one that consider human life as imperfect and strive to move towards perfection using some prophet or God. The second thought process (originated in India) says that life is an illusion (maya) and we shall evolve ourselves to come out of it and move towards Moksha. The Abrahamic concept of human centric ideas have led to destruction of 70% of life sustaining elements on earth. This thought process is causing physical and mental illnesses and disorders in human beings. The whole idea of human development needs to shift to the right context to save our future.

Since the design of human beings has evolved out of nature; our body is designed for the natural food and natural triggers. We have altered both of them. As a result, we get diseases that fundamentally means weakening of body. The solution lies in strengthening human body system. Kumbhak (control over breath) is the strength creating mechanism for the human body. It also offers solution for the chronic ailments.

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