Menstruation Practices in Hinduism: What & Why? — A Talk by Nithin Sridhar

Ever wonder why Hindu women are advised to not enter temples during their monthly periods? Why is menstruation associated with ‘Impurity’? Is not the concept of Impurity demeaning towards Women? Why do some Hindu Parents celebrate Menarche of their young daughters? Is there even a rationale behind these varied Hindu practices regarding Menstruation or are they all merely an outcome of blind superstitions?

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  1. Sri. Nitin Shridhar. I have lived in the US for over 32 years. I retired after a stellar career which took me all over the world and also got a certificate from a US President. I follow almost all the Rajaswala charya as followed by my mother and my ancestors for years in India. I call it ‘camping at home without mosquitoes’. I stay away from the main home. My husband cooks and gives me food. I keep separate bed/utensils for 3 days. Even standing in front of a microwave or fire (at works or fireplace in someone’s home) gives weird dreams and increases irritability. I have written a four page paper on how laughing, talking loudly, excessive eating, eating hot foods, showering etc. increases the discharge. I also document the foods and activities that advance a period. If you would like my paper, please email me.

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