Marxism: A Cognitive Distortion | Bede Draper

Marxism is not just a political movement but a way of thinking which prioritizes the collective or the state over the individual, and dramatizes hatred and violence as virtuous and noble. In the materialistic Marxist view, culture, and traditions are in service of modes of production and the BEING of a person is nothing more than a complex lump of matter and energy.

This ideology is good at selling their ideas by appealing to people’s compassionate inclinations. It’s an easy step from there to the dramatization of hatred which seems virtuous to the dramatizer. When you make an unrealistic utopian ideal and measure any culture against it, the culture in question will always SEEM completely bad and need of revolution. This is the favourite trick of the Marxists. Unfortunately, it’s very effective at winning hearts and minds. Their methods should not be underestimated.

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