Manvantara Cycles Represent Supercontinent Cycles — #SangamTalk By Karunakar Marasakatla

Manvantara cycles were referenced in ancient texts in regard to the age of the earth and the universe. In that case, which era of the earth’s history coincides with the Manvantara cycles? In the research that was done about twenty years ago, Shri Karunakar Marasakatla concluded that there were striking similarities between the Manvantara cycles and the Supercontinent cycles on the earth. He also found that the Seven earths in Hebrew texts and seven Karshvars of the Zoroastrian texts were also have similarities with the Supercontinent cycles. In this talk he explores the theory and discusses the later developments in earth sciences.

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Karunakar Marasakatla holds a degree in Bachelor of Engineering from Osmania University in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. As part of his professional career he worked in India and US. As a researcher he works in the field of basic science. (View More)

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