Maharaja Ranjit Singh & His Legacy Of Reforms – A Talk By Siddharth Acharya

Siddharth Acharya in this #SangamTalk covers the following:

1. Geo strategic and Geopolitical game of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and Hari Singh Nalwa.
2. Early life struggle.
3. Consolidation of Sikh Empire and committment against Afghan invasion.
4. Philanthropic Ruler who donated gold and his work for temple restoration.
4. Land and Revenue reforms.

About Speaker: –

Siddharth Acharya is a lawyer practicing in Supreme court of India, Delhi High Court and National Company Law Tribunal. He is also a documentary filmmaker by passion and has made award winning documentary film on exodus of Kashmiri Pandits titled “the abandoned cranes”. (View More)

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