Mahabharat Retold With Scientific Evidence | Smt. Saroj Bala

The talk centres around the narration of important events narrated in Mahabharat war with exact dates. More than twenty Sky simulations of sequential astronomical references, spanning a period of 52 years, have proved that the war was fought in the year 3139 BCE. The sky simulation depicting the location of seven planets’ vis-à-vis fourteen Nakshatras on Kartika Amavasya in 3139 BCE would be shown and explained. Planetarium Gold software depicts this sky view on 14th September, (Bhishma Parva: 6/3/14-18). This sky view is not repeated on any other date during 25920 years before or after 3139 BCE; thus fixing the war’s date, almost indisputably, to 3139 BCE.

Besides astronomy, seven disciplines of science prove that Mahabharat was history and not mythology. These prove that the profound philosophy of Bhagavad Gita was actually passed on to the world on Shukla Ekadashi of Margashirsha Month in 3139 BCE. Most of the excavated sites, having carbon dates of samples and artefacts around 3000 BCE, and associated with Harappan civilization, were actually located within the territories of kingdoms which participated in Mahabharat war. Map having Geo co-ordinates of the kingdoms which fought during the Mahabharat war, along with GPS plotting of excavated Harappan sites located therein, would change our perception about ancient India’s history.

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