At Vedic Cownomics Pvt. Ltd., our mission is to go back to the roots. Make India, a country of abundance and prosperity. Bring back the self–reliance and self–sufficiency to the village economy and reinstate the system where rural was the producer and urban was the market place.
• We take technology & the best practices from urban to rural and help the rural in producing more (yield and quality) to fulfill the demand of the urban, but all in harmony with the nature – the Indian way of development.
• We are on a mission to restore the purity of water, air and soil, resulting in to a chemical free raw food industry of agriculture, dairy, fishery, poultry and livestock farming (goat farming, piggery, & sheep farming and so on). Thus eventually making the food chain, chemical free. We help people to go organic and eco-friendly.
• We help the rural farmers to earn more, grow more and live a life of abundance without leaving the village.

Sangam Talks Of Madhukar Swayambhu