Legal Battle of Elgar Parishad Case | Capt. Smita Gaikwad

This talk comes as the last in a series of four talks by Captain Smita Gaikwad. In the first three talks she focused on: Understanding Maoism in India. This was an introductory session focusing on the basics of Maoism in India, its objectives, modus operandi, and history. Further, it analysed the impact of Maoism on the Human Rights of the Tribals and the other citizens of India. Second in the series was, Urban perspective of CPI (Maoist) and Elgar Parishad. Here, the speaker shared that Urban Maoism is not a new phenomenon. It has been there since the 70s.

However, to sustain their base areas in jungles, the Maoists do need support from urban population. The talk will focus on the Maoists’ modus operandi in urban areas, case studies of some urban Maoists, the reasons behind the importance of urban areas for Maoists and some facts on the Elgar Parishad case. The third talk: Koregaon Bhima Riot – Fact vs Fiction detailed various aspects of this incident. On Jan 1, 2018 riots erupted in Koregaon Bhima. It was followed by caste based divisive agenda on the social media by a select few. After interviewing hundreds of villagers from the area, a report was published. This talk highlighted the findings of the report. It also included the events that led to the riot and ground reality vis-à-vis what was projected in the media. The last talk here, is the Legal battle of Elgar Parishad case.

On Jun 6 and Aug 18, 2018 some intellectuals were arrested for their association and active participation in conspiracy by CPI (Maoist), a proscribed terrorist organization. India witnessed an unprecedented legal battle and propaganda campaigns post those arrests. This lecture detailed the facts of this legal battle and the challenges it faced. Captain Smita Gaikwad discussed the years old Legal Battle of the Elgaar Parishad case, discussing the sequence of events, the agencies involved, the petition filed for SIT, the Chargesheets and the Bail pleas of the accused.

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