Lachit Barphukan and the Battle of Saraighat – #SangamTalk By Aneesh Gokhale

Lachit Barphukan was the brave Assamese general who defeated the mighty Mughals and kept Assam free. In this talk, I shall speak about how Lachit Barphukan, through his leadership qualities, not only evicted the Mughals from Assam but also successfully defended the Ahom kingdom against an invasion mounted by Aurangzeb to retake Guwahati. The hall mark of this whole campaign was the Battle of Saraighat – a unique battle fought entirely on the river Brahmaputra. Being a merchant navy officer, I try to understand how the river would have created challenges never seen on land.

About Speaker: –

Aneesh Gokhale is currently working in merchant Navy as a navigating officer. he is an avid trekker, hiker and takes an avid interest in Indian History. He loves reading and writing. He is the author of two books. ‘Brahmaputra – The story of Lachit Borpukhan’, is his second book. (View More)

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