Koregaon Bhima Riot – Facts vs Fiction | Capt. Smita Gaikwad

This talk by Capt. Smita Gaikwad sheds light on the factors that led to the riots on Jan 1, 2018 that erupted in Koregaon Bhima. She explains the geographical, social and historical details of the place and the politics involved in creating unrest in the area. The distortion of history for purposeful malice towards Maratha warriors and the cast card played to disturb the peace, ignored by media, has been unearthed in the talk. The riot was followed by caste based divisive agenda on the social media by a select few. After interviewing hundreds of villagers from the area, a report was published. This talk will highlight the findings of the report. It will include the events that led to the riot and ground reality verses what was projected in the media.

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