Jesus Never Existed: A Beginners Guide | Kenneth Humphreys

Even among modern atheists, a fragile consensus holds that Jesus was at least a real person, whose historical presence, though embellished, has been reliably established in the order of disinterested scholarship. Whether he is envisioned as peace-loving rabbinical sage or as a militant prophet of doom, this man called Jesus is widely assumed to have had an important, even a profound, impact on the course of world history.

But in the early years of the 21st century a radical though not particularly new thesis has become increasingly difficult to ignore. This thesis, as it is argued over and disseminated across the Internet and made accessible in a rapidly growing number of books, threatens to displace the regnant historiographical paradigm with a simple but devastating proposition: that Jesus never existed at all!

Having devoted much of his life to the careful study of ancient history, Humphreys harbors no doubt: Jesus, the non-existent son of a non-existent father, will soon be consigned to a place among his ancestors Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses in the realm of mythology, not history.

Let this be your introduction to the ultimate heresy!

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Kenneth Humphreys is a British scholar and activist, writer, radio broadcaster, and public speaker. He studied for five years at university, graduating with a master’s degree in history and social sciences. He subsequently taught for many years at a tertiary level in the UK and abroad, interlacing his academic pursuits with a career in the computer industry during its formative period. A writer with a consuming passion for religion and history, Humphreys has never had any religious affiliation and has been a lifelong atheist. “I remember as a lad being asked to leave the cub scouts after three weeks because I refused to attend the church parade, but by then I could tie my own knots. Now I enjoy tying Christians up in knots.”

Ken launched his internationally renowned website in December 2001. Since then, the site has received more than eight million visitors. In December 2005, a companion book Jesus Never Existed was published and has been exported to more than thirty countries, republished an abridged edition in India in 2007, and translated into Korean in 2013.

In December 2011 Ken began to make available material on the jesusneverexistd YouTube channel, which has attracted around 20,000 subscribers and more than five million viewings. In November 2014, Jesus Never Existed, An Introduction to the Ultimate Heresy was published in the USA.

Ken has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, has debated many Christian apologists, and was a contributing scholar in the documentary Caesar’s Messiah and was the guest speaker at the International Mythicist Conference in Athens in May 2016. See Ken’s website:

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