Jerome Anto is a practicing Christian born and raised in a pious Roman Catholic family. He is a Politico-Religious observer and an anti-conversion activist who is unapologetic about his nationalist leanings. An ardent Swayamsevak of the RSS and also a BJP karyakarta he does not blink an eye nor hesitates when he self-confesses that though he is a Christian, his roots are in Hinduism since his forefathers were originally Hindus and probably converted due to the compelling situations of those times which are unknown.

As a Christian, he has several times come forward in echoing support to the BJP and the Modi government and quashed false propagandas on several platforms regarding the ghost threats to Christians if BJP comes and remains in power. An active voice against the unruly Christian missionaries who have engaged in the business of militant Christian conversion, he yearns to help preserve the original Hindu philosophy.

Sangam Talks of Jerome Anto