Is India Dangerous For Women Travelers? | Kaninika Mishra

Over the last decade, Kaninika travelled extensively across India as a part of research for her book The Indic Quotient. Whether it was visiting rural areas in Gujarat, marginalized weaving communities in Madhya Pradesh, or small temple towns in Tamil Nadu, she only experienced warm hospitality from people. Kaninika thinks that the labels vilifying India as unsafe for women in western media are not just inaccurate but are also an indication of deeply held prejudiced notions against a country which has committed itself to gender equality both socially and politically. Through this talk, Kaninika shares her experiences of travelling alone in India and abroad. She points out common risks both men and women travelers face in western countries as well as India.

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Kaninika Mishra is a writer and corporate professional based in Gurgaon. She has authored three non-fiction books including a textbook on life insurance and an inspirational book for life insurance and financial services salespeople which was translated into Hindi and Tamil. Her latest book The Indic Quotient: Reclaiming Heritage through Cultural Enterprise was published by Bloomsbury in July 2012. Kaninika holds a master’s degree from East Carolina University, USA.

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