Individualism And The Indian Constitution | Adv Shri M. Sundara Rami Reddy

Preparation of Indian Constitution began long before Independence. British, treated the India as nation newly born and it was white man’s burden to civilize the uncivilized. Mature Indian culture was ignored. From Motilal Nehru committee Recommendations on the Principles of Constitution of India 1928, formation of Constitution Assembly on 6th December1946, Objectives Resolution dt. 13 December, 1946, everything as per the scheme of British. Gandhiji and his ideals brushed aside. Everything Indian has been pooh-poohed. Village Panchayat, which Gandhiji has spoken at length as the basis of Indian polity was given go by and individualism was given supremacy. Result is wholly un-Indian Constitution.

About Speaker: –

M.Sundara Rami Reddy, B.Sc; B.L; M.L
S/o M. Gurava Reddy
Worked as Legal Officer in Indian Bank for about 28 years and voluntarily retired as AGM(Law)
19 years as practicing Advocate Arrested and Convicted under D.I.R during emergency in 1975

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