Indian Heritage: Identity, Inspiration and Enterprise | Kaninika Mishra

Over the past decade, India has seen a significant rise in both passion for enterprise and pride in heritage, with the two converging to form successful ventures and imaginative social initiatives centered around Indic ideas.

In her latest book ‘The Indic Quotient’, Kaninika Mishra celebrates the efforts of ordinary Indians as they reclaim their native identity with ingenuity – from a team of economists working to put long-forgotten millets on urban Indian plates to a group of art enthusiasts attempting to bring back stolen artefacts from museums abroad; from an ex-investment banker formulating Ayurveda-inspired beauty products to a former engineer working to revive traditional textiles in Assam, and many more. With intimately told stories of dynamism and entrepreneurship, the book tries to examine the relevance of traditional wisdom and culture in modern India, and what they mean for India’s economic future and soft power.
This talk is on her experiences that culminated in the shape of this book.

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