Thank you for your donation. Like all individuals & businesses, non-profits also require ‘predictability of revenue / income’. Therefore, please consider making recurring donations. A small monthly recurring donation is more important than a big one-time donation.

* All Payments are made via RazorPay. Payments are accepted by Credit Cards, Net Banking, Payment Wallet, UPI.

* RazorPay Subscription is an easy-to-use tool that helps to receive one-time and recurring online payments. All the payment using RazorPay subscription are SSL encrypted.

* For International Donations, Please Visit => PayPal.

All Payments/Donations are collected solely for Non-profit and charitable purposes. Any Person/Organization/Party making these donations should carefully go through the Sarayu Trust website, Terms of Use Policy and Privacy Policy before proceeding to donate funds.

The Donee has donated out of free will with a clear understanding that Sarayu Trust will utilize the donations for their charitable programs from time to time and thereafter Donee shall have no claims, rights with respect to the amount donated for charitable purposes.