India Must Tell Its Own Story | Vikram Sood

Any country that seeks its rightful place in the world must be able to tell its own story. “Real power comes not from the barrel of a gun but from those who control the narrative,” says Vikram Sood. Military and economic power are not enough; perceptions and narratives are an essential part of statecraft. That is powerful states create their own narratives about themselves, their policies of superiority, in every aspect, to dominate the other. Narratives are built over time, are not necessarily dependent on truth. If a major power with global interests wbishes to retain its supremacy or prevent alternatives centres pf power from emerging, it naturally must be able to tell its own story – tell it first, tell it well and repeatedly, in different ways and at different times.’

We know that India’s narrative was created by the West.To add to it, a premeditated dislike for BJP and NDA has added to a global narrative and that is being encouraged by the left dominated media. The term ‘fascist’ is bandied about, yet no critic of the government, however virulent, has been stifled. So, this is really the time for us, the citizens of this nation, to address the question of who we are. Find our identity and rewrite our own narrative.

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