India: An Unbroken Civilization — #SangamTalk By Sharad Mohan

The talk based on the book by the same name examines the various fault-lines or divisions, that are thought to have existed in the Indian civilization. These divisions could be geological, genetic, or political in nature; from the time of the formation of the Earth 4.5 billion years ago to peopling of the Indian sub-continent till present times, it covers the entire span of land, geography, demography, history, and so on.

In spite of facing multiple aggressors, who destroyed it many times, the idea of India has remained intact as far as cultural unification is concerned, even though its geographic boundaries may have been partitioned.

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Sharad, an India born American businessman, specializes in defense, economics, politics, and sanatan dharma. Of late, his efforts have been towards countering the propaganda against American Hindus and protecting India and America’s interests in USA politics. (View More)

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