Hindu Rashtra: What It Would Possibly Be — A Talk By Surendranath C

In this #SrijanTalk our speaker Suren discusses the nature of a Hindu State. He walks us through various traditional teachers – from #Kautilya to #GurujiGolwalkar and analyzes how a possible Hindu State would function, what would be it’s policy toward social welfare, towards economics, education and religion.

In today’s politics, there is a lot of discussion about the Hindu Rashtra. In order understand or articulate the nature of the Hindu Rashtra we must understand how it shall function through the Hindu Rajya. The contours of an Indian State, how it relates to the Hindu Nation and how different aspects of statecraft should be handled are to be analyzed.

In this discussion, the speaker recapitulates the various theories and solutions that great thinkers across the ages, Bhishma, Vasishta, Kautilya, Hemadri, Shivaji, Savarkar and Golwalkar have elucidated. He attempts to apply their prescriptions to modern situation that the Indian State finds itself in.

About Speaker: –

Surendranath is an independent researcher on topics concerning Hindu history, philosophy and society. He has studied the ancient Dharmashastras, Kautilya amd the Itihasas to understand traditional Hindu polity. He works on uncovering patterns in the behaviour and reaction of civil society, Read More.

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