Hindu Politico Strategic Response To Evolving Geopolitics Of 17th-18th Century | Ambareesh Phadnavis

The story of enduring and deathly struggle that Hindus had (still have) with invading Abrahmic ideologies and forces. The resurgence of Hindus spearheaded by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 17th and 18th Century CE is truly an inspirational story. It is also the last known political configuration of Hindus that have ruled, operated in, and shaped the destinies of Hindus in India as per ‘Dharmik’ value-system. The campaigns of Punjab and Bengal by these resurgent Hindus and them dealing with “foreign powers” and having to frame “foreign policies, defence policies” on their own after a break of 700 years offers a lot to material to learn and draw upon, since Hindus are yet again resurgent in world. Marathas are the “last known Hindu configuration”, prior to rise of modern India where Hindus started framing the policies. This talk is to investigate these questions from bird’s eye view with case-studies of Punjab, Bengal, and subsequent North Indian conquests.

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