Hindu Dialogues- Challenging popular concept of Varna System | #SangamDialogues

Hindu Dialogues – Challenging popular concept of Varna System ​Anand Prasad, Pankaj Saxena and Rahul Dewan A very interesting conversation between Rahul Dewan, Anand Prasad and Pankaj Saxena that gives a deep insight into the Varna system. The two aspects, the actual meaning and purpose of Varna system that guided the ancient society and the modern popular understanding of it, are discussed to come to a better understanding of Varna system.

About Speaker: –

1. Anand Prasad is a corporate lawyer, based in Delhi, with more than 27 years of experience representing both domestic and international clients on a variety of legal and commercial issues within and outside India. Anand has a keen interest and spends considerable time studying ancient Indian history, including in a religo/spiritual context.

2. Pankaj Saxena is a Teacher, an Author, writes on History, Culture, Hindu Architecture, Arts and Literature. He is Chief Editor, Indic Varta, Centre for Indic Studies. He has traveled widely and documented more than 400 ancient Hindu temples.

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