23 November 2019 Avinash Vasishth


23 November 2019 Avinash Vasishth







संगम व्याख्यान

सवाल और जवाब अधिवेशन

[Q/A] The Story Of Ancient India: From The Deep South To North – A Talk By Raj Vedam

[Q/A] Ancient Indic Roots Of Knowledge Systems – A Talk By Raj Vedam

[Q/A] Religion, Identities & The Constitution – A Talk By R Venkataramani

[Q/A] Ram Swarup & Sita Ram Goel: Their Importance For Hindu Thought — A Talk by Koenraad Elst

[Q/A] Conundrum: Netaji’s Life After Death — A Talk By Anuj Dhar And Chandrachur Ghose

[Q/A] Should India Slaughter 1,00,000 Buffaloes Every Day for Export? — A Talk By J K Bajaj

[Q/A] Thank You India: A German Woman’s Journey To The Wisdom Of Yoga — A Talk By Maria Wirth

[Q/A] Buyer Beware: The US Black Market For Ancient Indian Art — A Talk By Tess Davis

[Q/A] Global Economic Theories – A Ploy To Loot India

[Q/A] Science Of Sound In Hinduism | Dr M G Prasad | Vedic Perspective On Acoustics

[Q/A] Hindu Rashtra: What It Would Possibly Be — A Talk By C Surendranath

[Q/A] The Marathas And The Origin Of Indian National Consciousness — A Talk By Smita Mukerji

[Q/A] Tipu Sultan: The Whitewashing Of A Tyranny In South India

[Q/A] A Review Of The Indian Constitution – A Talk By Atanu Dey

[Q/A] Interpreting Tantra As Subjective Neuroscience — A Talk By Anand Venkatraman

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