Global Economic Theories: A Ploy To Loot India — A Talk By Arvind Kumar

Arvind Kumar describes the history of various economic systems and explains how every system has been dependent on India for its survival. A surprising element of the history of British control of the Indian economy is that it was intended to further Christianity.

A new global economic system has now been proposed in the West and is quietly being implemented in a gradual manner using what the speaker terms “coolie economists” or Indian economists who serve the interests of the West. The proposed system will make India absorb the pain of Europe and America while providing them bailouts on an ongoing basis. India can become strong only by implementing the decentralized Swadeshi model.

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Arvind Kumar is a writer whose articles on #economics have appeared in Sunday Guardian, Daily News and Analysis, and the American Thinker. He holds a degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago, View More.

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