Geography of Aryavrata (Indus-Saraswati Civilization) — A Talk by Shri. Mrugendra Vinod


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Mrugendra Vinod is the founder president of Anandavan Bhakta Samudaya, Varanasi. He did his B.E. in Comp.Sc. from MSUniversity of Baroda, 1986. He worked for TIFR and DRDO for a short time before devoting himself completely to spiritual quest. View More…

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  1. Dear Sir
    We are fed with lot of rubbish about our history of civilization and superiority of western civilization, negating our own history records . A lot of Indians find pleasure in sleeping with the idea that our history is nothing in comparison to western world but really it is the reverse
    RECONSTRUCTING HINDU HISTORY will be a very important talk to the world , particularly to the Indians who are happy with the misinformation of their history by the western world. We have to force our govt to correct our history of civilization

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