From COVID To WHO To Galwan Exposing China’s Expansionist Ideology – #SangamTalk By Aabhas Maldahiyar

The pandemic “COVID” has brought world on knees. The role of China in unleasing the deadly Wuhan virus is already too well known. However, the dubious role of the World Health Organization (WHO), especially that of its Director-General Dr. Tedros who has in shielding China or delaying the declaration of the pandemic needs a thorough investigation. WHO played as CCP’s puppet while latter had a larger plan to rule the world & spread its ideology, “Maoism”.

The Labour Migration problem in India to Galwan standoff, all are problems ‘manufactured’ by China, according to the speaker. Unfortunately, part of Indian media and other lobbies played along with China and against India. These are China’s allies in India who actually work for the Maoist agenda. The speaker explores the role of China in various contemporary issues, along with the ‘Chinese virus’ and China’s border issues with India, discussing their context, background and consequences.

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