Freeing Hindu Temples from Government Control — A talk by J Sai Deepak

A closer look at today’s political and social arena clearly reveals how Hindu institutions and Hinduism in India are unfairly targeted by a combination of vote bank politics and unscrupulous politicians and businessmen. Particularly alarming is the destruction of Hindu institutions and the illegal mass conversions by other religions.

Here is the recording to the talk by J. Sai Deepak where he helps us understand: –

– The Constitutional limits on Statist intervention in Hindu religious institutions

– The need to free Hindu religious institutions from the stranglehold of the Government

– The extent to which Courts have recognised and facilitated Statist intervention in Hindu religious institutions

– The alternative to State management of Hindu religious institutions

About Speaker: –



J Sai Deepak is an engineer-turned-litigator who practices as an arguing counsel before the high court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India. Sai is also the counsel for the Indic Collective Trust which represents Indic Legal causes. View More…

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