François Gautier was born in Paris, France and was South India correspondent for Le Figaro, one of France’s leading newspapers. François has written several books, amongst the latest: « Apprendre à Souffler (Hachette Marabout, 2016), « Nouvelle Histoire de l’Inde » (Editions de l’Archipel, 2017), In Defence of a Billion Hindus (Har Anand, New Delhi 2018), Les mots du Dernier Dalai-Lama (Flammarion, Paris, 2018) and to be published “An Encyclopaedia of Ayurveda” (Flammarion 2020).

Francois, who is married for 30 years to Namrita, shuttles between Pondichery, Pune and Delhi.

Srijan Talks Of François Gautier