Forgotten Scientists Of India Who Dazzled The World – #SangamTalk By Raghavendran R

India has a rich history of scholars and scientists whose work has created history by changing the world and setting benchmarks of innovation. But sadly, as a nation we suffer from amnesia and apart from a select few, many have not even heard of these brilliant minds.

The talk focuses on some of the less well-known Indian scientists whose achievements are no less than heroic as they endured difficult research conditions and no external aid to come up with scientific breakthroughs that form the basis of modern research in India.

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Raghavendran R is a Biochemist who is very passionate to learn about the rich scientific heritage of India and the biographies of scientists, many of whom are hardly mentioned in schools or colleges. (View More)

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  1. Excellent lecture by Raghavendran Ramaswamy. He has nicely brought out how we have neglected our own researchers.

    Historically at least 400 years before Newton , Bhaskaracharya II knew d(SinTheta) = (CosTheta)(dTheta). and some of the astronomical calculations were based on the equation. The discovery of differential calculus was only one step ahead.

    Congratulations Mr. Raghavendran R.

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