Examining The Indian Conservative Tradition — #SangamTalk By Jaithirth Rao

Indian political and intellectual discourse has been largely dominated and distorted by the leftist, Marxist, post-modern & Freudian ideas for decades. The conservative voice has been largely absent. Jerry Rao fills this gap by exploring India’s rich conservative tradition. From Mahabharata and Tirukkural to Rajagopalachari and Hindu nationalism, right up to Jana Sangh, BJP, and Swatantra Party, he argues for a revival of conservatism, without taking any majoritarian position.

The talk touches many themes like the Hindu culture and sacred geography of India, and the inclusivity of Indian culture evidenced by the Buddhist, Jain, and the only one in the world- Sufi pilgrim circuits in India.

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Jaithirth (Jerry) Rao is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and the University of Chicago, a widely read columnist (of Swarajya fame), and an Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard Business School. (View More)

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