Environmental History of Dharmic Communities — #SangamTalk By Pankaj Jain

This Talk by Dr. Pankaj Jain which focusses on the Bishnoi/Vishnoi community that is spread through out Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh is very interesting study of the Environmental History of a particular Dharmic community. He explains in detail how this community really takes care of their flora and fauna even in the desert regions which are quite prone to droughts.

The main feature of their culture being Water harvesting, Tree plantation, setting up animal and bird sanctuaries in desert, guided by their Gurus based on Vedic philosophy of Aham Brahmasmi and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. They propogate Reason based Religion as to pray and conserve Natural resources. He also sheds some light on the Bhils of these regions and their role in conservation of nature around them. Various movements related to conservation of nature are also discussed.

About Speaker: –

Dr. Pankaj Jain is currently editing the Hinduism section for the Encyclopedia of Indian Religions (Springer) and Indian and Western Philosophical Concepts in Religion (Bloomsbury). He is also writing a book on the history of Jains and Hindus in the Americas. (View More)

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