Dr. Meenakshi jain is a Phd. from Delhi University. She specialises in cultural studies. She is a former fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, and presently member of the governing council, ICHR.

Her Recent Publication Include: –

  • Parallel Pathways. Essays on Hindu-Muslim relations (1707-1857), (2010).
  • The India they saw. Foreign accounts of India from the 8th to mid-19th century. 3 Volumes. (2011).
  • Rama and Ayodhya. (2013).
  • Sati – Evangelicals, Baptist Missionaries, and the changing colonial discourse. (2016).
  • The Battle for Rama – Case of the Temple at Ayodhya. (2017).

Sri. Meenakshi Jain’s Srijan Talks: –