A former Core Faculty at Sofia University, Palo Alto, California, Kundan Singh, PhD is currently a Core Doctoral Faculty at the Hindu University of America where he is engaged in developing a completely new field in academia, Postcolonial Hindu Studieshttps://www.hua.edu/academics/areas-of-study/postcolonial-hindu-studies/

 He is the President of the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Francisco and Senior Fellow at Hindupedia, Cupertino, California where he is diligently involved with changing the representation of Hinduism and India in grade-school textbooks across the US. Author of the ‘Evolution of Integral Yoga: Sri Aurobindo, Sri Ramakrishna, and Swami Vivekananda’ and joint author of ‘Making Children Hinduphobic: A Critical Review of McGraw Hill’s World History Textbooks’ with Krishna Maheshwari, he has lectured extensively in San Francisco and has many academic presentations at international and national conferences. Some of his chapters in edited books are “Beyond Mind: The Future of Psychology as Science,” “Beyond Postmodernism: Towards a Future Psychology,” “Relativism, Self-Referentiality, and Beyond Mind,” “Relativism and its Relevance for Psychology” and “Sri Aurobindo’s Invalidation of the Aryan Invasion Theory and the Contemporary Western Archeological Evidence.”  Some of his articles written for popular press can be found at: https://www.indiafacts.org.in/author/kundan-singh/ His talks can be accessed at https://www.mixcloud.com/sriarvinda/ and at https://sangamtalks.org/dr-kundan-singh/

Kundan Singh, PhD

Core Doctoral Faculty

Hindu University of America

Orlando. Florida

Senior Fellow


Cupertino. California


Cultural Integration Fellowship

San Francisco. California

Research Faculty

Sofia University

Palo Alto. California

Adjunct Faculty

California Institute of Integral Studies

San Francisco. California

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