Dr. Harinath Kasiganesan spent 12 years as a scientist in DRDO India and subsequently as a senior research facility at Medical University of South Carolina, Cardiology Department, USA for a decade. During his tenure abroad he was involved in the discovery of novel therapeutic drugs for human cardiac diseases. He has been awarded with several patents and scientific publications. A personal incident however, changed his approach altogether, pushing him toward a direction he probably wouldn’t have thought of – the croplands of Tamil Nadu.

Dr Harinath Kasiganesan’s motto is ‘Organic Farming is Soil Forming & Soil is Superior to the Crop’ and advocates a societal mission to spread awareness about traditional herbal medicines & organic farming alongwith the understanding that farming is a science; it is a form of art, and it is a culture; it is a way to realize ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’, which means the whole world as one family.

Sangam Talks Of Dr. Harinath Kasiganesan