Discovery Of The Lost Dwarika | Shri. Birendra K. Jha

Shri Rama and Shri Krishna are historical figures rather than mythological. The talk is centred around 4 sub-topics 1) Satellite Evidence. 2) Age (Dating) 3) Relation with the Harappan Civilization 4) SDG issues Link with Start-up Social Enterprises.

1) Satellite Evidence covers the various islands and structures found below sea-level, details of buildings, their heights, walls for protection, ports, residential townships, canals, modern structures on ancient sites etc.
2) The age or the dating of Dwarika, Mahabharata, Harappan sites, etc
3) Similarity of artifacts and symbols of Harappa 4) Tourism prospects

About Speaker: –

Shri. Birendra Jha is a HR Consultant. Author of ‘Discovery of Lost Dwarika’ and ‘Dwarika ki Khoj’ in Hindi (2021). He has collaborated on ‘The Deciphered Indus Script’ with N. Jha and N.S.Rajaram(2000) ‘Vedic Glossary on Indus Seals’ with N. Jha (1996).

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