Did Indians Fail to Understand Islam’s Nature | Shankara B | Rahul D | #HinduDialogues

This insightful conversation between Rahul Dewan and Shankara Bharadwaj Khandavalli digs deep into the savage warfare tactics of Islamic invaders vs Dharmic Indian rulers and the latter’s response to these unseen savage tactics of warfare by the Afghans, Turks and Mongols invading in succession. The difference between paganism which is inherently nationalist and Abrahamism which is inherently trans-national is also discussed here alongwith the Caliphate’s Islamic ideologic reign and its geo-political savage capturing/invading thrusts to propagate Islam across the world.

Also discussed in this talk is the myth of Akbar’s so called ‘syncretism’ and ‘secularism’ and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s response to Islamic terror via Hindavi Swaraj. Sadly, Hindus have never been given credit of civilizing these barbaric Islamic invaders to a great extent, rather we have only been fed an invader centric history.

The need is to establish Dharma-Rajya in order to eliminate the Colonial hangover looming large and embedded in every public/govt. institution and document in our country today.

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