Dharma Rajya: Nature Of Dharmic State and Scope Of Smriti — #SangamTalk By Shankara Bharadwaj

Shri Shankara Bharadwaj, in this talk, compares Constitution based Nation with Smriti based Rashtra. He argues that Rashtra run by Rashtra Dharma guided by Dharama Shastra and Artha Shastra builds a righteous character of state that encourages excellence in individuals (purushartha) and the harmonious co-existence in society as the Rashtra is a socio-cultural institution and does not thrive on the disparity of various ethnic groups.

As he talks about the understanding of Rashtra he explains that the narrative is Geo-political V/S Geo- cultural. According to Smriti the aspects of Dharma stress on harmony between the micro and the macro, the connection between the smallest unit of existence and the top unit. Basically Dharma, he says, is knowing one’s true nature and being true to that nature. The Raj Dharma survives on the Will, Power and Action of the Head of the state. He concludes by saying that it is imperative that the state aligns with the nature of the Nation.

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