Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story — #SangamTalk By Sonali Chitalkar

Sonali speaks candidly about their ground level research and the its findings at the time of the Delhi riots in Feb 2020 in North-east Delhi, dismantling the narrative that was created of it being a Muslim pogrom or being deliberately organized. She cites facts, down to the dates, timings and names of people, the chronology of property damage, lives lost, FIRs, post-mortem reports of the victims etc. revealing plot behind the riots, the procurement and stockpiling of weapons, the foreign money brought in, and debunks all the fake narratives.

The team also met both Hindu and Muslim community leaders who attempted to de-escalate the situation. It is a fact and evidence-based story of the dharna-to-danga model planned and executed by Urban Naxal and Jihadi elements, the insidious Urban-Naxal-Jihadi model of rioting. Finally, she speaks of how the book was de-platformed under pressure from the lobby or the ‘Twitter lynch mob’ as she calls them.

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Sonali Chitalkar, one of the authors of the book, Delhi Riots 2020- The Untold Story, teaches at Miranda House, University of Delhi. She has done extensive field-work and research in Jammu, Kashmir, and has been part of a fact-finding team who reported directly from the Valley. (View More)

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