Crime & Appeasement: A Critique Of Sachar Committee Report — A Talk By Rinkoo Wadhera

Through deliberate strategising and subsequent egregious provisions, the Sachar Committee Report( SCR) not only obliterated the poorest Hindus of India from the canvas of government beneficiary schemes but also deprived them, definitively, of what the Indian constitution guarantees to all its citizens— justice, liberty& equality.

This talk outlines the tearing down of the SCR on its discriminatory recommendations and appeasement politics by two ex-IPS officers in their book-The Majority Report.

About Speaker: –

Dr Rinkoo Wadhera is a researcher with a Post Doctorate in Gender Studies & Folkloristics. she is also an educational consultant & teacher-trainer with schools. She is the author of—Existentialism and Upanishadic Resolution in Indian English Poetry. (View More)

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