Job Title : Content Editor (Volunteer) for SangamTalks 

We are looking for a volunteer (pro-bono) editor to help us with the editing of SangamTalks videos who can invest 15-20 hours each month. 

Languages: English and Tamil / Marathi / Bangla / Malayalam 

How the process works

  1. Internal Review – check the thumbnail, title, speaker’s name, and overall look. Listen to the entire talk while monitoring the sound and video quality. Remove unrelated sentences, coughs, other noise, repetitive sentences, etc. Send for speaker review. 
  2. Identify power statement (to be used as intro for marketing) with time stamps 
  3. Send approved (by speaker) video, power statement details and sound/video quality notes to the video editor.
  4. Final Review – Note down subtopics with time stamps. Add short description of the talk, speaker’s bio, subtopics, and SangamTalks links in YouTube studio. Add thumbnail, tags, playlist and endscreen and send to video editor. 
  5. Premiere – Inform the speaker about the premiere date. 
  6. Identify snippets with time stamps and title and send the video to the video editor. Post snippets on YouTube studio with description and details, and schedule for making live. 
  7. Identify quotes by the speaker and add them to the quotes folder with speaker picture and link of the related talk. 

Compensation: Pro-bono volunteer manager 

Please send in your responses to: 

About Sangam Talks

‘Sangam Talks’ is an Indic platform and YouTube channel that invites speakers to deliver lectures on Indian history, Indian knowledge systems, values, culture (music, arts, traditions), and even current issues related to the ‘Indian civilization’. 

Our speakers span across academicians, scholars, researchers, journalists, practitioners of the arts, social activists, and spiritual leaders.


We record these lectures, carry out high quality editing including syncing voice-video-PPT slides, and finally upload these on your YouTube channel for larger and global viewership. Currently we are organising three lectures online via Zoom. We do not live stream our lectures on any social platform.

You could see us as the TED of Indic ideas. You may see the channel: 

Twitter: @sangamtalks 


Instagram: @sangamtalks 

Why might you consider working with us?

If you’re on a break from the corporate world OR are looking for a sabbatical for 1-2 years from the corporate world OR perhaps even actively looking for a full-time position in the Indic space, then SangamTalks is a great place for you to be. 

‘Documentation of knowledge’ for posterity is one the most important activities required in challenging current ‘leftist narratives’ and reclaiming the space for spreading and mainstreaming Dharmic narratives. 

Towards this objective, SangamTalks is a project of strategic importance with a very long-term impact. Having a combined following of nearly 450,000 followers on our channels we have built a very strong base and now is the time for massive scaling up of our work and build content in all major Indian languages. 

Towards this we are looking to build transcription & translation teams, social media teams and processes, build better editorial content, be better at monetizing our YouTube videos.