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Bharatnayam is poetry in motion. Originated in TamilNadu, it was initially known as sadir(Daasi) attam or the dance of the Devadasis. It has a blend of three components Bhavam, Ragam & Taalam. It was practised in Temples and it fell into disrepute. The form was given a fresh breath of life by Rukmani Devi Arundale.

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Sachika Almeida Sharma is MA in Bharatnatyam (Pune University) Heads dance school ‘Nritya Sankul’. Has 30 years of teaching & performing experience. She is a Dance movement Facilitator for special children and Meditation Coach.

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  1. In the Jagannath Temple of Puri the dancing girls were appointed for the essential ritual service of the deity. All the female attendants of the temple are known as Mahari devadasis. They are again divided into several groups according to their services. The dancing girls are known as Nachuni and the others are Bhitara Gauni and the Gaudasani are those whose duty is to fan the lord.

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