Christianity to Hinduism: A Personal Journey – #SangamTalk by Mary Suresh Iyer

Mary eschewed Christianity after a careful study of the Bible. Having faced the wrath of the church for marrying a Hindu, Mary embarked on a journey to understand the root cause behind the anger and resentment of the church. She realized that the exclusive nature of Christianity is what drives the Christian psyche which when opposed or questioned results in strife. An alien religion such as this, sets a stage for strife and disharmony that is detrimental to the social fabric of multi-cultural society such as that of Bharat. Her journey has naturally lead her to embrace Sanaatana Dharma, the way of life of her ancestors. In this talk, she will narrate the events from her personal life that lead her out of Christianity into Sanatana Dharma.

About Speaker: –

Mary Suresh Iyer is Human Resources Professional with over 20 years experience in the teaching industry in the USA. She authored over 7 text books in Math, Chemistry and English. She runs a coaching center for College entrance exams, and runs two non-denominational childcare centers. (View More)

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