Challenging The Narrative: Indians Lost to Islamic Invaders | Shankara B | Rahul D | #HinduDialogues

We have become attuned to hearing this oft repeated phrase and unfortunately also believe it now – “India could not fight back the Islamic Invasions strategically and militarily therefore the Invasions happened and dominated us.” However, have we ever gone deep into the dynamics that our rulers faced during those horrific times in terms of Sanatan Dharma ethics Vs Abrahamic religions savagery, the Civilized thought process of protecting Vs the Uncivilized thought process of annihilation, the might of the invading armies Vs ours, the logistics and resources, the damage caused by each invasion, resource base of the attackers, our shrunk trade bases, and many other aspects.

The super-human efforts of resistance and fight-backs of the Marathas under Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja with the Hindavi Swaraj movement and philosophy , the Peshwas, Maharana Pratap, and many more have never been told to us. Many nations fell in no time to Islam and Christianity but why India had resisted it for centuries and is doing so even now. So, then are we missing the real history or native narratives here?

What are the missing links that can explain this? If all of these aspects are analyzed in depth and get our native narratives and perspectives, it can be easily proved that we fought back with all our might, even more than what we had! Also discussed in this talk will be the way forward and who needs to do what at what level in our society to reclaim and rebuild our glorious civilization once again.

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