Challenges Faced By Sri Lanka’s Hindus — #SangamTalk By Dr. Sachithananthan

The geopolitical importance of Sri Lanka can never be understated, especially as it has recently emerged from the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami and three horrific decades of Civil War. Many Indians and NRIs (including Tamils) are quite misinformed or unaware of Sri Lankan society’s dynamics, nuances and complexities.

Many are unaware that our consanguineous allies – the 2.5 Million Sri Lankan Hindus – whose population has been decimated by half, from 25% (in 1915 census) to 12.6% (in 2012 census), are currently caught in a pincer grip from 3 adversaries:

• Christian Proselytization (through NGOs and Churches funded by Western Countries)

• Islamic Expansionism (funded by Middle-Eastern Countries and Pakistan)

• Buddhist triumphalism (led by Sinhalese hardliners).

Though Sri Lanka has been a Hindu homeland for more than 5000 years; yet the position of Hindus in Sri Lanka is much much worse than in neighboring Tamil Nadu. The Hindu share of the Sri Lankan population may reduce further by attrition and emigration, as they are still subjected to regular conversions, killings, rapes, bullying, and temple/land-grabbings by Christians, Muslims and sadly, by even Buddhists.

About Speaker: –

Dr. Sachithananthan is a senior Sri Lankan Hindu scholar, retired Advisor to United Nations (with Global Experience), sagacious intellectual, researcher, visionary and influential grassroots activist. Dr. Sachithananthan is bravely highlighting the hitherto unspoken details of rampant ongoing conversions of Sri Lankan Hindus. (View More)

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